Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tim Fitzharris

I decided to check out our textbook author's website I have to admit I was not entirely impressed with everything I found on there. It was a learning experience though, as now I know what a bull elk's penis looks like. Also, his bighorn sheep herd photos are blurry and upon further viewing I found that he intended to make them blurry for an artistic appeal, because the photo was also in the Reverie limited edition print section. To each their own, I guess. I like the photos where he pans with a moving animal and blurs out the background, like he did with the baby bison, but the all blurry approach I don't find appealing. The fine art print section was pretty spectacular, I especially liked the Alpine Vistas and Reflection landscape photos. The colors are breathtaking. Overall most of the photos were great he captures different colors extremely well. I think he's an amazing landscape photographer, but I was more moved by Tom Mangelsen's animal photos than Tim's.

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