Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My wonderful point and shoot camera

Our assignment for next week is to create four different images. Two of the photos will deal with depth of field, with one having a narrow and the other having a wide depth of field. The other two photos are going to be of a long and short exposure. Now, I only have a 5 mega pixel Nikon Coolpix point and shoot camera, so I won't be able to adjust my aperture and shutter speed to get these shots. I can however use the pre-programmed settings on my camera in an attempt to achieve the desired effects. To get the narrow depth of field there is a close up setting, depicted by a flower, which I have used in the past to get pictures of insects and of course flowers. For the wide depth of field I will probably use the landscape setting on my camera which does a decent job for it's purpose. For the short exposure I'm going to use the sports setting to capture my image. As for the long exposure I think I might try to use the night landscape or night portrait setting. I have never used the night portrait or sports settings before and only used the night landscape a few times without much success, so this should be an interesting assignment. Hopefully, I can learn a few things about my trusty point and shoot camera.

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