Monday, September 28, 2009

Short and Long Exposure

My final two photos, for long and short exposures, turned out to be a little tricky with my point and shoot camera. I went down to Pioneer Park off of Virginia Lane. There is a little stream that runs through the park and I tried to capture the water at a little rapid in that stream. I liked this spot not just for the little cataract in the water but also for the deep red roots on the eastern bank. I grouped these two photos together so the difference between them could be seen a little better. The lower photo is my attempt at a short exposure. I liked how I was able to capture the large water splashes in the air. You can also see more of the air bubbles in this photo than in my long exposure and overall the water is less blurry and more detailed. In my long exposure at the top the water is more blurry and the splashes are more of a streak. I know they are only slightly different but I like my longer exposure more because I think the general layout is better. I think the color contrasts are nicer in it, since I got more of the bright green grass on the other side.

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