Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Student Art Exhibit

I went to the art exhibit with my girlfriend and she really enjoyed Krista's flamenco dress exhibit. She spent a few years living in Sevilla and went to La Feria with her friends so it brought back some memories for her. For my part I thought the paintings were pretty good, I liked the use of colors especially the Sevillanas painting that she made her postcards of. The dark blue and vibrant red contrast in a beautiful way.
The fashion exhibit was cool but not my cup of tea. I did like the portrait painting but the rest didn't really suit my palette. My girlfriend works with Monica so she was excited for this exhibit too.
Cassie's exhibit "99 Pills," I found depressing. I think that was the effect she wanted and it made me feel really sorry for her having rheumatoid arthritis at such a young age. I liked the multiple painting styles used for the same image, especially the 50's style comic version. The thing that moved me the most was the guitar with wire and nails wrapped around it. I'm learning to play the guitar myself and I can't imagine how difficult it would be to play with arthritis.
To sum up I'm not too fond of the abstract art on exhibit, but I did find some things that were interesting in all the exhibits and I can appreciate the messages and imagery that they were trying to portray, but it's definitely not my type of art.

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