Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Zimmerman Park

My girlfriend and I drove up Zimmerman Trail the other day to check out Zimmerman Park. Despite the lack of a creative name, it's a beautiful park with a great view of Billings and the surrounding area. You can see for miles up on top of the rim. Coming from the flat state of Michigan any rock formation or elevation change is amazing to me. Being a rock climber I may find rock formations more interesting than most, both for the aesthetic beauty and also because I enjoy trying to find fun or challenging new climbs to try out. The sandstone up there for the most part is too brittle to climb, but I found a few good spots to boulder. Anyway, I also found an opportunity to take some photos while I was there. I liked this photo because another nerdy hobby of mine is bonsai, so finding a tree that has been naturally stunted and deformed is always exciting to me. I also thought it was a cool layout with the rims in the background leading out towards the distant landscape. Although looking at it again, I wish I would have placed the tree a little more to left of the shot. Maybe, I'll go recapture this shot again soon, since the park is only a few minutes away and makes for a nice excursion to forget about school and work for awhile. I'm sure there's plenty more photo opportunities up there as well.

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