Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vincent Munier

After watching his video in class, I went to Vincent Munier's website. I enjoyed his video and his ability to capture animals movement. His website is a pain to navigate and takes a while to load but he has some amazing photos.
He has an amazing ability to capture animals in action so I figured after reading the chapter "Animals in Action" in our textbook his photos would help elaborate on the subject. I liked how he captured the diving birds and the splashing water from the bears feet in his video. So I was happy to find that he has many more action photos like the shots in his video. I really like the photo I posted here. The fighting bears and the splashing water make for a stunning image and the blurred green backdrop makes the brown bears stand out even more. The picture really needs no description, it's just an amazing photo.
He takes a lot of winter photography and uses the white background of the season to create very moving and emotional images. I really like his ghostly winter photos, he creates hazy silhouettes of animals showcasing their struggle to survive. The image I posted here is a perfect example. The photo has a cold desolate feeling and makes you feel sorry for the geese trying to live in such a place. The imagery is stunning even without any prominent colors standing out. He uses the white winter landscapes to great effect making his photos seem endless and hopeless as he captures animals at their most vulnerable moments.
I had to go find bootleg photos on the internet since you can't copy any of his images and I was happy with the two I found, but he has even better ones on his site, which I would recommend to everyone.

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